About Us



We make everything in small batches from the best materials handpicked for color and quality. We are obsessed with textiles!!! Our business has been built from a reputation of having the most exceptional prints in our collections paired with timeless styles and patterns. We live and work in Los Angeles, CA where we sell directly to our customers at different markets and shows throughout the year.


Why “Fi and Me”?

I, Ratna and my daughter Fiona, have always been two peas in a pod. Crafting, designing, and creating together ever since ‘Fi’ could hold a crayon. 

Frustrated by store bought baby clothing, I started making things for Fiona early on. The business ideas sprouted shortly after an outfit or two that I knew I could never part with. Over time as Fiona got older, she added designs and fabric selections of her own and our Mother/Daughter duo was born.

‘Fi and Me’, is a creative brand dedicated to the whimsy and imaginative spirt that we feel should exist in every childhood. Discovery, handmade holidays, paper hats, story books, mud pies and a love of all things creative- The childhoods of both Fi, and Me.


“Happy play in grassy places, 

That is how in recent ages, 

Children grew to Kings and Sages”


From our family to yours!